Online Curly Hair Communities

Lately I have been obsessed with finding the right products for my curly hair so I’ve started following a variety of online curly hair communities. These range from websites, online forums, twitter accounts, and Facebook pages. I have since “liked” several Facebook groups including Naturally Curly, DevaCurl, Curly Hair Solutions, and AG Hair products.

DevaCurl is doing a great job with their online presence. On their Facebook community they post a variety of content and engage their followers. Posts can include: questions, contests, curly haired poems, advice, tours, book releases, and online videos. Many of their followers use this site to endalge their obsession for curly hair by sharing their stories, asking questions, and posting pictures. Anytime someone gets a DivaCut, specialized curly hair cut, they post a picture online. Until recently I was under the impression that Facebook helped you only to maintain your current connections, but now I realize that it can help you tap into a new newtork of people that share similar interests. A lot of times when I compliment curly haired pictures the person will respond back to me. Recently I made a new friend through the DevaCurl’s Facebook page and we have been sending long messages back and forth talking about the different products we’ve tried out. is by far the most extensive curly hair community. They have a presence on both Facebook and their own website. has their own classifications for different curly hair types. This is something that has been replicated through multiple brands such as DevaCurl and Curl Hair Solutions. They can individualize their customer service by recognizing that there are multiple curly hair types and needs. By doing this users can read other hair reviews, ask questions, read blogs with tips and advice, and enter to win contests. from people with similar hair types. It is connected to the online store

AG Hair Products is still needs to work on their Facebook page. They tend to post the same question or comment multiple times. I’m not sure if they feel the need to post the same thing at the top of their page every time or if they are not sure what else to post. DevaCurl tends to keep a constant dialog with the customers that does not stop on the weekends. Curly Hair Solutions tends to remain inactive on their Facebook Page over the weekend and they do not answer all of their users questions or not very quickly at least.

The most important thing that I have discovered is that there are users out there that are obsessed with finding the right products and they want to talk about their experiences.


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  1. Mihaela
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 10:55:05

    You have discovered a larger issue. That users with common interests/passions will find each other and congregate online. This is highly relevant for marketing – now, companies know exactly where to find the people who are interested in their products. The key is how to participate in that community as a member, as a resource, not as a spammer! More and more companies are learning that, fortunately. Are online communities and their relation to marketing something you are interested in? It is a very hot topic.


    • michelle7788
      Mar 03, 2011 @ 22:10:03

      Yes I am interested in online communities and marketing. I don’t believe that companies should just talk at people. They should form a relationship with them. I love it when companies go past what the brand and offer uplifting advice. The idea behind the beauty industry is to build up confidence. I believe that curly hair products help people embrace their natural features and them feel comfortable with themselves.


  2. Mihaela
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 22:09:55

    It certainly is a promising area of both research and practice. Let me know if you settle on it.


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